About Communitas

Over the last couple of years, we have become aware of the need for not only high quality training but also collegial community. Being a healthcare professional is often a lonely road, so Communitas is part of the DBT Institute's vision to create a "community" of practitioners, for practitioners. 

Communitas is the practitioner-centric training model of The South African DBT Institute, which allows you to personalise your journey through different levels of engagement. If you'd like to join the CROWD, you can enrol for an on-demand course or attend one of live workshops presented by expert faculty. If you'd like to join the COMMUNITY, we'll have weekly groups that are presented by practitioners and if you'd like to join the CORE, you can apply to become part of our faculty of teachers. 

Join the Crowd

Feed your curiosity through a variety of larger group opportunities

Weekly Live Talks

Join a weekly crowd of fellow healthcare providers for talks

Watch Anytime, Anywhere

Feed your curiosity through talks on a variety of different topics

Specialist Training

Watch workshops presented by expert faculty anytime, anywhere

Join the Community

Partner with us to get online

Bring Your Course

If you've previously recorded a talk on a topic which is an area of interest and/or expertise, we'll host your talk on our platform. 

Let's record

If you've got ideas worth sharing, but can't figure out the tech, allow us to help. We have a variety of options to assist you to get your course online.

Go Big

We've got a team of videographers and graphic designers that can help you create a professional course that will become part our premium content